Friday, June 10, 2011

Setting up Liferay Portal on your machine | Installing Liferay Portal

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To begin with I will share first tutorial which explains, how to get your machine ready to work with Liferay.

You can download Liferay from
Liferay Portal by default comes packed with following application servers
- Liferay with Tomcat
- Liferay with JBOSS
- Liferay with Geronimo
- Liferay with GlashFish
- Liferay with JOnAS + Tomcat
- Liferay with Jetty
- Liferay with Resin
Additional to this you can download WAR file for Liferay portal and deploy it on any other Application / Web Server.
You can download Liferay with any of your favorite Application / Web Server and extract ZIP file at any of your desired location which you should call Liferay bundle location.

Note: All of the bundles ship with a Java Runtime Environment for Windows 32 bit; if you have any other operating system then you must have installed a JDK (Java Development Kit) prior to launching Liferay

If you have downloaded a zip file for Liferay with Tomcat and you extracted it at "c:\liferay" then the directory structure should look like as follows:
c:\liferay\liferay-portal-<liferay version>
-- c:\liferay\liferay-portal-<liferay version>\readme.html

-- c:\liferay\liferay-portal-<liferay version>\data
This folder is used to store the embedded HSQL database which the bundles use, as well as the configuration and data for the Jackrabbit JSR-170 content repository and the Lucene search index.

-- c:\liferay\liferay-portal-<liferay version>\tomcat->tomcat version>
[Application Server]: There will also be an application server folder which is different depending on which bundle you have downloaded. This folder contains the application server in which Liferay has been installed.

-- c:\liferay\liferay-portal-<liferay version>\license
License: Contains both Liferay's license and a file which describes the licenses for many of the other open source projects that are used internally by Liferay.

-- c:\liferay\liferay-portal-<liferay version>\deploy
Deploy: Plugins which you wish to deploy to Liferay can be copied into this folder. It is also used by Liferay's graphical plugin installer utility, which is available from the Control Panel.

You can start Liferay by starting tomcat server or any other Web / Application server part of Liferay installation.
For example, to start liferay with tomcat go to <Liferay Bundle Location>\<tomcat directory>\bin and run startup.bat on windows platforms and for Unix platforms
To stop run shutdown.bat on windows platforms for Unix platforms.

When you start Liferay by default it runs on default port of the Application / Web Server. For tomcat it runs on 8080. You can access the Liferay by visiting "http://localhost:8080" from your web browser.

By default when you visit "http://localhost:8080" after starting Liferay, it shows the welcome page

You can click on Sign in to sign in into Liferay portal. By default Liferay creates super admin user with with password: test
When you login first time with any user it will ask you to agree terms of use and password recovery question.

After login you can create pages, add portlets to page, customize the layout of the page and many more.

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